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Protect Yourself From a Lapse in Coverage

Redeeming CSL Behring AssuranceSM Points

In order to redeem points for CSL Behring product, you must:

  • be enrolled in CSL Behring Assurance for at least 3 months, and
  • have been using an eligible CSL Behring therapy for at least 3 months, and
  • have lost your third-party private health insurance

You may redeem 3 points for a 1-month's supply of CSL Behring product or multiple points in increments of 3, up to 12 points at one time.*

If you have access to alternative or interim health coverage (such as COBRA), you must use this coverage first, before redeeming points.

To redeem points, call the CSL Behring Assurance Care Coordination Center at 1-866-415-2164. To confirm your eligibility to redeem points, a CSL Behring Assurance Care Coordinator will need to verify:

  • That your account is current
  • Your current monthly product usage
  • That there has been a lapse in your third-party, private health insurance

Once your information is verified, a CSL Behring Assurance Care Coordinator will call you to:

  • Confirm the amount of product you need
  • Explain how to redeem your CSL Behring Assurance point(s)
  • Arrange for delivery of your product to your regular healthcare or product provider as quickly as possible

During this process, a CSL Behring Assurance Care Coordinator will talk with you about ways to help you find alternate insurance coverage so you can keep your remaining points for future use.

Claims for reimbursement may not be submitted to any insurance company, other payor, or reimbursement entity for product received under the program.

Certificates From Previous Version of CSL Behring Assurance

In November 2014, we switched from certificates to the point system. However, any unused Assurance certificates you earned prior to that date have been converted to Assurance points; each certificate equals 3 Assurance points. To get your current point balance, please contact your CSL Behring Assurance Care Coordinator at 1-866-415-2164.

*You may redeem multiple points as long as you do not exceed the maximum levels for that product. See Terms and Conditions.